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buffing wheels, polishing wheels, metal finishing

Buffing & Polishing Products

buffing wheels, polishing wheels, metal finishing, polishing compounds, buffing compounds, abrasives, metal polishing, buffing wheels made in the USA

Garfield Buff Company supplies a complete line of buffing wheels and polishing buffs, abrasives, and custom polishing products. Let us be your one source for all your finishing needs. We invite you to take the Garfield Buff Challenge to experience what our buffing and polishing wheels can do for you.

Garfield buffing and polishing wheels are top of the line. We use only the best quality materials, full count cloth, and high-test thread in every buffing and polishing wheel to ensure you get the best finish each and every time.

Custom-Tailored Buffing and Polishing Wheels

buffing wheels made in the USA, polishing wheels made in the USA

Garfield will customize your order to meet your specifications. Treated or untreated, Garfield Buff Company can customize your buffing and polishing wheels with the fabrics and sizes you need.

polishing compounds, buffing compounds, abrasives
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